Founded in 2008 AFRODESIAC WORLDWIDE is a cultural lifestyle brand rooted in an admiration of Africa and the worlds diverse cultures. 
An artful blend of earthy materials, and exotic patterns,our stylistic method denotes an effective modern elegance with an authenticity rooted in historical African tradition. 

Combining modern western style with culturally inspired designs Made in Africa Afrodesiac Worldwide has been instrumental in sparking a cultural revolution in fashion
Utilizing authentic made in Africa textiles to create our clothing and home decor to our handed pounded brass and stainless steel jewelry Made from Ghana’s precolonial coins.....our reverence to our African roots runs deep in our design aesthetic. 

Made in Africa and bred in Brooklyn, AFRODESIAC WORLDWIDE is the creation of C.E.O. Creative Director and activist Chiedza Makonnen a Jamaican native after living in Brooklyn, New York for eighteen years and moving to Ghana, West Africa founded AFRODESIAC WORLDWIDE and its sister Non-Profit Organization The Revolutionary Underground Foundation

As global citizens and a woman Owned Black business we focus on being a creative and sustainable entrepreneurial venture that contributes to the economic empowerment of the women and men we employ and our communities.

Our mission has always been to honor our heritage creating culturally inspired, authentic lifestyle products that make you feel grounded, colorful, regal, alive and empowered.

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